Who Will GO To ASIA Family Day is now history.

Last Saturday July 25, many helping hands volunteered to carry out the successful event.

Although the rain kept the motorcycles away, the car loads of friends set out to follow the instructions. Each correct answer earned specific points depending on the difficulty of the requested task. One that I liked: buy $.50 worth of gas…get extra points for charging it to your credit card.

The top three winners each received $50.00 in gas cards. Thanks Don and Nancy Marshall for a great rally.
“A lot of fun,” commented several participants
About 47 articles displayed on tables for the silent auction. From original paintings to a $500. photography sitting, hand crafted wall hanging to housecleaning certificates, gift baskets and so much more. These donations added significant dollars. Thanks Lila Weibe for all your work in efficient organizing prior to and on site.

Many friends arrived at the church on Friday night to help prepare the salads. You should have seen those men working magic on potatoes.
Desserts began appearing from others who couldn’t resist the urge to make their favourite squares.
“Would anyone like to see the pig? ” Kathy Taylor asked breathlessly as she carried in the groceries.
Anxious to view meat for the meal, several of us ran out to look in Kathy’s car. A quick glance gave me all the evidence necessary that indeed a pig needed roasting. No easy task to force a 217 pound pig into the trunk of a Nissan. Looked a whole lot more appetizing cooking on the spit. “The best pork roast ever,” many expressed.
Thanks to John and Kathy Taylor for all the leg work involved, not only cooking the pig but also the preparation and efficient serving of the meal.

Marissa Taylor gave direction to the children in crafts and delighted them in face painting. Some liked the flowers and butterflies but a few risked the tiger face. Grrrr. Marissa added youthful sunshine to the day. Thanks for taking time off work, Marissa.

Thanks, Ciaran and Bryn Coghill who kept sports going in the gymnasium, giving a variety of activities for children.

We were blessed with good music. Seed ( Scott, Kevin, Heather and AJ Coghill) provided the blues to the delight of old and young.
Grand Connection (under the direction of Jim McMurray) favoured us with relaxing Country. Thanks to all the musicians and Jeremy Woods for great music.
Eileen Stewart-Rhude (the one who invited us), dressed in royal blue Indian attire, shared the call from Asia and a few of the adventures in speaking we will have. Thanks for weathering the storm to be with us EIleen.

Sandra Woods and Shirley Rowan kept track of the donations and tickets as well as other on the site tasks.

At the end of the evening, Rose and Michelle Nibourg made sure that the church facility was in shipshape for Sunday… a labour of love.

For over a month Caroline Laing has kept a prayer guard going, praying for the needs of Saturday and beyond, even until we return on October.
To particpate in prayer, email laingcaroline@hotmail.com
A special thanks to Dale and Joanne Martin (Waterloo Kwikkopy) who printed and donated the creative, colourful tickets.

Francis Baker from the Fergus-Elora News Express arrived as set-up took place. He took a picture, which will be in this week’s paper. He has requested a follow-up story when we return from Asia in October. “You bet, Francis. Can’t wait to share our adventure.”

A wonderful day. The proceeds exceeded $2000.00, bringing us closer to the halfway mark. Thanks Brian and Cathy Cook for casting the vision and encouraging the body to bring about this experience.

Bob and I wish to express our deepest appreciation to each and everyone, many whose names are not listed. We are so blessed.

Happy Serving HIM!
Bob and Ruth Lord, Send Me


  1. markpetersen on July 28, 2009 at 1:42 am

    Congrats! Great to hear of the success of the day. I love your seed.

  2. Bob & Ruth on July 28, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Hey- well said. (Creative too) When did you get back?
    Thanks so much for responding-the only way I know anyone is out there!!

    : )

  3. Bob & Ruth on July 28, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Hey- well said. (Creative too) When did you get back?
    Thanks so much for responding-the only way I know anyone is out there!!

    : )

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