Who Will Go?

Well we have gone!My oh my! Nothing could have prepared us for this environment. It needs to be experienced.
Heaven in the middle of hell is what comes to mind. The 200 year old India Bible Society stands in the middle of very busy street filled with markets, people, markets and more people.
Calcutta, a city of 16 million with half a million living on the streets.
We have seen many of these already. Sajal is the president of the Bible society and longs to give God’s word out to every person in this area. Our first conference was here in this heritage spot yesterday. About 130 congregated in a room just across from the offices. Eileen gave devotions and I did a memorizing scripture session and Woman of Worth. Women from all classses of life here attended. Because 20 % spke Bengali. Sahana interpreted. From a Bramin Hindu background her testimony, is miraculous. She is on fire for the Lord and worked so well with Eileen and me. It was a wonderful start to our ministry.
We have some video footage to show later on.

Please pray for tomorrow Sunday. Bob will speak ( he volunteered) at the Church of North India (six denominations that have joined since the 70’s.) I’ll recite some scripture. As well we will sing some good old 70’s sacred songs. They like them here!! Also Eileen will share at a Baptist church. We need God’s help to bridge the gap culturally. Only God has the answer to the deep needs here…not us.

Thanks for your emails, thoughts and prayers…you have no idea how much they mean to us.

Happy in the heat but I must be honest…our room at the Baptist Mission house has a/c. PTL

Happy Serving HIM!
Ruth (for Bob too)

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