Who Will Go?

Calcutta is now behind us along with all the idols lining the streets celebrating the biggest Hindu festival of the year. Many different sizes of Durga, the goddess being worshipped, stand motionless for sale or inside the hundreds of temples found on every road. Posters and papers display her stark, lifeless form. Groups of goats being led to the slaughter for sacrifice innocently follow the goat herder to their death.
How wonderful to hear more of William Carey’s work. He left England in 1793 and brought not only the gospel but the printing press and education. For two hundred years there is a light shining amid the darkness.
I’ll Fly Away has taken on a whole new meaning this week. Sunday at 4:00 pm we left for Calcutta airport to make sure we had three hours prior to the 9:00 pm flight to Delhi, a two hour flight. Arrived in Delhi at 11:00PM Since our connecting flight to Nepal was at 6:30 am, we waited in the Delhi airport. Hoping for a few winks we soon realized that was a dream. : ) Settling into the waiting room, we piled our luggage at our feet, trying to maintain a little personal space. In the crowded area, that also was a dream. To help pass the time!!! we began to sing in harmony. The only sign of displeasure from those around were the few with hands over their ears. It didnt bother Leelah our Indian guide (boy are we grateful for her) who never ran out of songs to sing. It kept us focused positively. Flyin On to Kathmandu Nepal. Arrived at 8:30 am and spent the next two hours getting visas processed. Finally at 11:00 am we walked out to meet Mya and Dr Maharjan a Christian leader here. Greeted warmly with roses, he reminded us that our sessions began at 11:30. However, he extended kindness and told us to rest and freshen up (RIGHT!) and be ready for another ride for the 1:30 Session. I honestly had a few moments of pity party- Lord, I cant speak without any sleep. Then as we approached the guest house, down a narrow path with high walls closing in, claustophobic thoughts flooded. Can I make it here for six days? (wimp!)

Miracles do happen… we had a wonderful few hours with about 100 Nepalese women. They are mostly converted Hindus as 80% of the pop here is Hindu. Again, interpretaion is needed so more experience gained.

I must leave now for my turn is coming shortly. (Bob is teaching right now)
Can I also tell you in closing… we have met the most incredible Christian leaders who are teaching me far more than I can ever offer them. What a humbling time!

Happy (honestly) Serving HIM!

Bob and Ruth LORD , send me!

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