WHO WILL GO? Sept 26-29

Another all nighter to get from Nepal to Delhi and on to Bankok.(economy flight)

Our friend met us at the airport at 7:15 am Sunday and took us to his beautiful complex in southern Bankok. His wife had prepared a wonderful breakfast of fresh poppyseed loaf and three wholegrain breads (the first we’d seen since leaving Canada), eggs, bacon, watermelon, mango and mangosteen. Ask me later! They gave us a place to rest for a couple hours. Sweet sleep. Later we registered at our new home for two days, the Alliance Guest House. Now we are enjoying two days off- a surprise.

Monday morning. What a special tour of Nite Light, a five year old program to give alternative employment to the many hundreds of prostitutes in this city. A dream come true for the organizers and founders. Inside we viewed the well run, quality controlled jewellry production and interacted with the beautiful girls who have been rescued, smiling faces and singing songs

Our hostess took us to an outdoor market, a night market and an incredible multi-level mall with over 2000 shops. Rides on the very efficient, busy Bankok Transit System gave Bob confidence that he can get around now!

Today, the 29th we took a river taxi to see the Royal Palace. Gold-plated, larger than life statues, gold leaf murals, mosaics and intricate designs everywhere, temples shining in the hot sun. A stark contrast to the poverty lying not far beyond.

Eileen and I enjoyed manicures and pedicures. As well, Eileen loved the massage that came with her hair set. Expensive treats…manicure and pedicure both about $12.00 USD.

Back in our room, the view is beautiful. Lush foliage shows off white, pink, red, orange and yellow flowers. From short bushes to stately trees reaching to second and third stories, the natural beauty here in Bankok (Alliance Guest house) is a feast for weary eyes. Several inches of rain have fallen since we arrived Sunday, adding freshness to the variety of colour. We could get used to this!

Tomorrow another flight to Chaing Mai, where we assume our teaching, visiting high schools and whatever else may arise from unexpected places.

Bankok is definitely a place to revisit. Being here has refreshed us for the last half of the journey.Bob has hours of footage to bore you for hours.

Lord send me!

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