Continuing adventures in Nepal- Sept 21-26

The seminars took place in a small church with a variey of multi-coloured carpets where the ladies sat on the floor eagerly awaiting the newcomers. We entered barefoot, leaving our shoes at the door with all the others.

Eileen gave a warm greeting followed by Bob who introduced the book of Titus. Sushma translated putting emphasis exactly where needed.

Ruth began with memorizing scripture (Psalm 8) The following day, collectively, these sharp women were able to recite the nine verses, with actions. (I learned quickly that the order in which I sign needed to be changed because of their sentence structure- made for a few smiles) I wish you could have seen their faces, knowing that they to could recite long passages. A great shout of praise.
How exciting to encourage these women, to affirm their value and significant purpose for such a time as this. Many are rising to take leadership roles. (The former mayor’s wife helped to emcee the event)

On Thursday Bob and I conducted a mini-seminar for couples in leadership roles. We played the newlywed game and discovered they are not only great sports but also deal with all the same issues as couples in the western world. Under the headings spiritual, mental, social and physical, we encouraged group participation to establish God’s plan for a healthy, long lasting marriage. The couples all read to each other the Love chapter 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 inserting their own name in place of love…powerful!

Some of the participants came all four days- thought they would be tired of us!

Our lodging was in Patan, the oldest city in Nepal, across the river from Katmandu. Bob and I walked down to the market area to view many new sights. A communal bath and laundry open for all to see. Buildings and temples over a thousand years old lined the streets with fresh signs of daily sacrifice clinging to stone altars.

On another tour, Dr. Maharjan, general secretary of Evangelical Fellowship Nepal, guided our taxi driver to the king’s palace. Dr. received a gold metal for his Phd thesis, which was the last royal act at that particular palace. A visit to the Thamel Market proved that treasures can be found.
The next day, after our seminar, our cab driver drove down a pedestrian street. Every square inch of the car had people crowded around it. Added to that, a downpour filled the street with several inches of water. Over 30 minutes to go a couple blocks. A stop at Durbar Square revealed temple after temple after temple.

Back at the guest house, five Malaysians arrived. They had come from their church in Malaysia and were spending time in the more remote village areas in the mountains of Nepal. We sang, prayed, talked, laughed and ate with these business men and women, who took time from successful careers to make a difference here. Goh and his wife own and run a very modern book store and publishing company in Kualalampur.

We came to love Nepal in such a short time discovering that it takes stamina, patience and endurance to live here.

Lord, send me!

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