Thailand presented us with many exciting experinces the richest being the wonderful people who are impacting lives around them.
Dr Buakap made sure that we enjoyed the elephant farm, where we all rode for an hour and returned on ox-carts. These large animals provided quite a show including painting a few pictures which are featured in the tourist shops.
After that excitment we were on a roll and settled (??) on a bamboo raft for a ride down the river. Cooled our feet. Eileen paddled for a few strokes, not wanting to miss an opportunity for a good picture. Way to go, Eileen!
A visit to the parasol making factory gave way to helping the economy and large parcels to carry on the plane. (Eileen has the heaviest load!!)
We watched the silk-making demo and broused the store. Not telling who had the fullest bags there.

Happy (and slightly cooler) Serving
Bob and Ruth Lord, send me
Ah Thailand- no wonder my nephew returns year after year!

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