WHO WILL GO?Mumbai to Pune by cab- three and half hours. Depok our Hindu driver took us on a tour of Mumbai, a city of huge contrasts. Large highrises, boulevards with lush greenery next to rundown apartments, clothes hanging from the balconies, mile after mile. Through the hills and mountains, up and down, we enjoyed the natural beauty of this county of many people, languages, religions and cultures. As we approached Pune, the neon signs pierced the darkening sky.

A university town bursting with scooters, loud music and food. (not much different from home- well, a little)

After a quick bite on the fifth floor of this modern mall, we continued on to Union Biblical Seminary, a very old campus considered the best Biblical training in India. Talking to these professors, eating with them and observing their concern for the youth of this nation is inspiring.
Usha (oo-sha) shared her story. Her mother died when she was 3 1/2 years old. The impact of Christian schools here is very positive so her Hindu father took her and three sisters to one such school, where he knew they would be well cared for. He returned when she turned 15, but by this time she had embraced Christ and asked not to go back to her roots of idolotry. I asked her why she changed to another religion. “It was LOVE. Everyone embraced us, loved us. That is the reason.” Of course, she had not converted to another religion. She had been recoonected to God through a relationship with His son, Jesus. Now she works in the seminary where her husband is a prof.
She reflected how Jesus said the world would know that we are HIS…love for each other.

Happy Serving but Home is looking sweeter each day!
Bob and Ruth Lord send me!

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