Who Will Go?

The amazing stories continue…we have only shared a sampling. The Abraham family, from Kerala area in south India, had a vision 80 years ago. The dream to have land and facility for international study and opportunity to develop God given talents filled Mercy Luke’s grandfather’s heart. We met Mercy and her parents (85 years young) who have kept the dream alive all these years. The India Bible College is a tribute to God’s faithfullness to provide everything needed to bring about dreams that He places in our hearts. We sang and spoke in the existing facility but visited the new campus which will open in the next year. It is a modern facility standing on a rubber plantation. The trees are tapped somewhat like maple trees and the money used to continue the operation of the education centre.

What a sharp contrast to Trinity College in Hyderabad. Another dream -an Albertan in 1994 began this college with a handful of eager students. A move to a larger building in June still seemed rather insufficient to us. Thirty students and staff, along with guests, crammed into a 14’x 20′ room. Such simple surroundings did not hamper their eagerness to learn. Wonderful interviews with two faculty members gave us a glimpse into the excellent quality of education received there. Stella Bogi is president and looks forward to sharing her dream for expanding the opportunity.

More to share when we get home…this post is done in the hotel office in Hyderabad.
Leave in a couple hours… Homeward bound.

Happy Serving
Bob and Ruth Lord send me
32 degrees with 98% humidity (my evaluation)

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