Who Will Go?

Oh Canada, my home and native land

I’ve never kissed the soil before, but the temptation prodded strongly. Our plane smoothly landed in TO yesterday about 1:00pm after thirty-six hours in airports and air. Please don’t feel too sorry for us.The Hyderabad airport lounge provided delicious snacks, drinks, TV, internet, showers and for an additional cost, back massages. (Eileen and I succumbed)
May we never take this country for granted again (memory does fade tho’). During Thanksgiving celebrations, hopefully you counted all the ways it is a privilege to walk, talk, live and have your being here in this nation. I’d like to think I am forever changed by this wonderful adventure given to us, but after a month in Asia, awareness of my own greedy nature overwhelms me.(Ugly and green says Pastor John)

A large piece of our hearts now resides across the pond.Can we ever forget the daily challenges that face our brothers and sisters there?Travelling just a few miles can take hours. A trip to Canada’s Wonderland will not be necessary for awhile for the thrill of driving in a cab on a three lane roadway, five rows of cars vyying for the space and two more rows of motorcycles weaving in and out of any existing surface area while throngs of people search for a wee break to make it to the other side, satisfy any desire for stomach flips. Many times I felt confident that angels were pushing back a bumper here, pulling a bicycle there and transporting a mother and child safely across paths seemingly unsafe by any standards. Too many people for the amount of available space, no vehicles without a a few dings.

The wonderful people we met continues to bend our hearts in different directions (as Kathleen Gibson says). The vision and strong faith of many is making a difference. Several people from Orissa attended the All India conference this week. Orissa, in north-east India, last year became the site of horrible attacks on Christians by Hindu extremists, wanting to rid society of them. Over 100 were brutally murdered, burned alive or tortured. 50,000 (mostly Christians) are homeless, 4500 houses and 250 churched burned or destroyed as well as 13 educational centres. That’s only one of the many areas suffering without appropriate judicial help.
Christianity is seen by many to be a Western religion and is thus hated. In fact, Thomas (remember the doubter?) first went to India (reluctantly)with the gospel in 54 a.d. We visited the first church site in Kerala.

Thank you all for travelling with us. All the emails, prayers and support encouraged us each day.
With God’s help, we will continue to follow wherever He sends.

Happy Serving HIM!

Bob and Ruth Lord send me

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