Africa- Kenya’s Sunday’s adventures

Hello from Africa!

Our adventures continue in this beautiful land of contrasts. Poverty in the middle of lush gardens and flowering trees. This is the rainy season, so the terrain is getting ready for planting or showing off its early produce.

Mike and Sheila Middlebrook were wonderful hosts while we stayed in N’yangori.

He is dean of the Bible school and together, they are only Canadians at the training facility, as the nationals now take the teaching postitions. With a Phd, Mike could surely have a high paying job in Canada but together they have chosen to invest in these beautiful young people. It was truly an honour to be in their classrooms, and to hear the quality of education they are receiving. Then we had the fun of teaching our own special topics.

There is such a passion for learning, an atmosphere of excellence in both the academic and spiritual development of the students. Imagine a classroom with neither powerpoint or overhead.

On Sunday we went to various villages. Catherine Routley, Daniel, our translator and I went to the church where Daniel is the pastor. We rode in the van over roads that were like washboards, with ruts and deep holes that threatened to devour us all.

I spoke to his congregation and Catharine, one of our nurses, sang accapella. Here we are with the gifts they presented to us. It includes six eggs, flowering plants, a cardboard painted house, a hanging decoration and a paper mache dish.

Just as we thought we were finished, each of us was presented with a tree sapling, in a plastic. We followed the whole group to the church yard where two holes had been dug. Then one at a time, Catherine and I planted the trees and covered the planting with soil. It was a big celelbration to mark the day we had shared. A wonderful memory for sure.

Margaret had her own adventure at another village church. Here are some of the women worshipping. Believe me, they are not afraid to raise their voices.

There are so many wonderful stories to tell, we could fill a book. Please come back again for more of this colourful land.

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