Day 2-First pics from Kiev!

Hello friends,
So glad you stopped by to see some of the beauty of this Ukrainian city, Kiev. Independence came in 1991, and with it a whole new world of opportunity. Still there is much to be done! Average income for professionals such as teachers: $150.-200. per month; doctors: $200-400;
nurses: $75.-100. per month.

Kreschatik – main street of Kiev! A street with 50+ year old buildings and beautiful arches! Look in the arch… descending cars.

Downtown Kiev – Kreschatik street! Big sidewalks with enough space for people to both park and walk!
I read yesterday in a book published in 2008: An average of 50,000 cars were newly registered each month since Oct 2007. No wonder they have to park on the sidewalk!!

Small orthodox cathedral, located on the corner of two major roads!
Beautiful St.Michael’s orthodox cathedral! Originally built in 1139!

The more domes – the merrier! =)
This is why people purchase SUV’s in Ukraine – to park on sidewalks!
Ruth, Bob and Vova (our fantastic translator and guide)
This building used to be Stalin’s headquarters in Kiev. Now it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine! Nice change!
A part of Independence Square downtown Kiev, where Orange Revolution took place, November/December 2004.

Independence Square – the very heart of Kiev!!!
Join us often as we explore, walk and share in this incredible environment, the Ukraine, land of Marg Gibb’s heritage.
Enjoying the journey

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