Family Day Writing Contest

Last Monday, many people enjoyed a day off to participate in family activities. In Windsor and area, the schools held a writing contest. Our twelve year old granddaughter won first place with her thoughts, which she read at Devonshire Mall Monday afternoon.

Her perspective:

Family: What a family means to me

By: Bryn Coghill

What is a family? To most people, a family is a mom, dad, sister or brother. It’s those who are related to you. Is it those who supply food and shelter? Is it those you live with? Yes, of course. Not only that, but family is much, much more. Family is support, togetherness and love.

Family must be held up by more than mom or dad. A family needs support. What is support? Support is when someone is cheering you on, for instance, at a sports game or before a test. Also, support is when someone is cheering you up, after a sad loss, such as a bad mark, or even when you’re just feeling downright blue. Support is someone backing up your thoughts or ideas, someone finally agreeing with you when no one else seems to. My family supports me before a soccer game or a gymnastics award ceremony by cheering me on. If I don’t win the game or get an award, my mom is always there with a change of clothes and a smile.

There is more to a family than support. There is togetherness. What is togetherness? Togetherness is when everyone is together, simply playing a card game or watching a movie. Togetherness is when you have that special feeling of being included by everyone, where no one is left out. Togetherness is getting along. My family is together often, playing games and making fun times together.

Most importantly, a family is love. What is love? Love is the kind words spoken often that make everyone happy. Love is coming together in a tough time, through thick and thin. My mom and dad show love to me every night with a hug and a kind word. My family supports me and is mostly always together. That shows love. Family is mainly held together by love.

What is a family? Not just mom or dad. It’s not biology. It doesn’t matter if you are related. A family is togetherness and support. Mainly, a family is very simply, love.


  1. markpetersen on March 1, 2011 at 1:23 am

    Agree! Agree! Agree! Thanks Bryn for sharing your thoughts. You have a great family.

  2. Glynis on March 1, 2011 at 2:18 am

    What a wise, young lady you are Bryn. Lovely thoughts and precious because you are speaking from the heart! Enjoy your family and thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  3. Margaret on March 1, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Well written! I love the question approach in each paragraph. Bryn, you are a writer. Keep writing making it better and better each time. One day you will write a book! In fact, maybe many books!

    Margaret Gibb,
    Feb 28, 2011

  4. Pat Dares on May 23, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    Very inspiring Bryn! I love your comment about togetherness being when "nobody is left out". Keep a pen handy girl; you've got a gift!

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