Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

“I can throw a water balloon,” chimed our grandson, Cole, when I asked him what he liked best about summer. “I can squirt Ben with the water gun,” responded Emily, echoing the same child-like approach to this season’s pleasures.

Oh, to be a child again… to risk getting wet with our clothes on, to just abandon oursophisticated response to life. However, at this time of year, our calendar is often filled to the brim with weddings, showers, graduations, family reunions, barbecues and vacations. Too often, several commitments appear on one day, challenging us to keep cool in more than one way. When summer’s last rose petal falls, will I be able to say that I have enjoyed it?

The words from the old song, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” gave me food for thought. I determined that my summer be filled not only with activity but with contentment as well.

Oxford dictionary defines LAZY as averse to labour, indolent, slothful; slow-moving. Ido not want to be lazy but those words remind me to slow down this season.

Three weeks ago, I sat at my desk with a pile of work staring at me. I had no other choice but to don my helmet, kick back the stand, jump on my bicycle and ride away. Twenty-five minutes later, I arrived at the water’s edge of Belwood Lake. Quickly I forgot the long to do list back home and drank in the tranquility. Beside the still waters, I watched a mallard duck as he lazily floated upstream. I liked his approach to the day. My mind drifted to an ancient writing, pointing to the creator of all nature: “Be still and know that I am God” gave a fresh calmness to my sun-parched spirit.

HAZY is defined as misty, vague, and indistinct. Often I have a dim, distorted view of life and ask why there are such challenges, pain and suffering all around me. My mother always reminded me that everything happens for a reason. For now, I will don my spiritual glasses and know God is working on a bigger plan.

Extremely enthusiastic, unrestrained, exciting are just three definitions for the last word CRAZY. How well they describe the uninhibited nature of children. Ready at a moment’s notice to laugh, giggle and forget the scraped knee. I’ve heard it said,”What you focus on grows”. I am going to focus on enjoying the longer days, delighting in all that is mine and choosing to . Why not join me? Come to think of it, I think I’ll go fill a water balloon and have some fun.

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