Little Opportunities

While in Krivoy Rog and on our day off, Ed Dickson took us to Sunshine Orphanage.

What beautiful children live in this special home. We noticed the pride of this young teacher working here with a group of little girls.
Creativity is encouraged. This blind student made the paper designer dress and when the teacher asked us to take one, I chose his.
Marg with the youngest in this facility. Adorable!
So happy and carefree; little girls and giggles. Contagious!
Here were are with a teacher, Marg, Ed Dickson, the director and Ruth. All the staff stop when Ed arrives. Named ‘the year round Santa,’ he spends much of his time looking after the needs of twenty-four orphanages. From Leamington, Ontario, Ed felt a call to leave Canada and move here. Not only has he made a tremendous contribution to this society for fourteen years, he married a gorgeous Ukrainian and has three beautiful children.
These ‘givers’ have made a huge difference in the lives of so many children. What an honour to have spent this time with them.

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