Missions in Nepal

Welcome to our Words To Inspire Missions page. I’m delighted you stopped by. On this page you'll discover God’s powerful details in the lives of ordinary women who have chosen to make God’s plan and purpose the focus of their life. I've been privileged and deeply blessed to meet and get to know many such women from several nations around the world. I want to share these beautiful friends with you.

Our first stop is Nepal, where Words To Inspire has an ongoing presence. Three of the four WOW series are now published into the Nepalese language (not including the original Women Of Worth) and the Nepalese team is growing,now numbering twelve.

You'll meet delightful women who are committed to God’s Word and take the WOW series to their church or village and encourage women to know God in a deeper way.

1. Where Our Journey Began

I stood at the side of the room watching all the Christian leaders chat about the adventures that were coming their way. Envy rose up as I had longed and prayed for overseas ministry opportunities for several years.

Theshe walked up to me, Eileen Stewart Rhude, a long-time Canadian ministry leader. “Would you pray about coming to Asia with me? I need some help with teaching and I’d like you to consider this trip.”

Questions. How long? How much money? Which countries?
After much discussion and prayer, my husband, Bob, and I answered the call and set out with  Eileen on a month-long adventure to India, Thailand and Nepal.  Although our time in Nepal was very short, just three days, our hearts were filled with love for the people and their hunger for God. Our work in Nepal started ten years after the 1999 birth of our ministry, originally called Seasoned WIth Salt, then renamed to Words To Inspire in 2014. As I looked back in my journal to check on our 1999 ministry goals, I noted: To be an international ministry within ten years. And so it began. What a mighty God we serve!

Lalitpur, Nepal - Downtown Katmandu

The city where Aanandit Charity Centre is located  and the guest house that we stay in while visiting this beautiful nation.

Pastor Milan, Shusma & daughter Amishu in 2009 - Transportation for the family!


On our first visit in 2009, I introduced the corporate Memorizing of Psalm 8

Nepal women, dressed in their colourful saris, praising God after memorizing Psalm 8 in 3-days. It was such a joyful sound, reaching to the heavens in crescending melody! It's a moment I'll never forget!

Ruth presenting Shusma with the 8-week Women of Worth Study and a CD set to accompany. A group in Centre Wellington, Ontario, Canada, raised the funds to translate and print copies for Shusma to use. The study provided our beginning ministry in Nepal. Shusma continues to use that original study. What a beginning!

2. The Ongoing Journey

God gives us dreams far bigger than we can imagine. Today Shusma will inspire us with testimony of God's transformation in her life over the past ten years. Then she takes us to two places where God has led her to teach the WOW Bible study series: Lalitpur, the third largest city in Nepal, located in the Katmandu Valley and then on to Morang in eastern Nepal. Guided by the Lord in miraculous ways, Shusma bravely  travels with her team and declares the power of God's Word in a person's life. From her own personal experience of embracing His words, she is able to encourage others in the same way. You'll love the testimonies of two women who participated in her classes. What a mighty God we serve!



3. Meet the Nepal WTI Team

How does a woman gather twelve women and motivate them to impact their nation for Jesus Christ?
Today you'll meet some dynamic Nepalese leaders, who, under Shusma's leadership and training, are taking the WOW series Bible Studies to many areas in Nepal and beyond. Meet the bold and godly leader, Shusma and five of her team of twelve:  Mina, Kamala, Subadra, Aksha, Pabita
Look what the Lord has done!
Psalm 115:1 Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness...

4. Women of Worth 8-Week Study Napalese Translation

For more information and to have a WOW series book which is good for personal or group Bible Study, please contact Ruth Coghill. www.wordstoinspire.ca  For the series in Nepali, please contact Shusma Adhikari, 977 9841229556.

Session 1

God knows ME! How well God knows me! Is there any place to hide from him?  No, Nothing is hidden from Him. No matter what we have gone through in life, our value is not diminished. In this session you will know your true value and get an insightful look into Psalm 139: 1-12. You will also be challenged by a question which directly affects your life. To find out more please listen to the full session.

Session 2

In this session we will see our God (Psalm 139:13-24) Who designed us, saw us before anybody else and consecrated us for His divine purpose. Nobody on earth is left out of His plan. We are created with great purpose in Jesus. Are you ready for a new start? No matter what has happened to us, we are precious in Him. You will be encouraged to hear the transformed life stories. I am a Woman of Worth!

Session 3

Have you been given a name which stole your sense of worth? Good news, your designer says you are worthy and you are able. A coward and fragile lady became a powerful witness for Christ. In this session, #3, we will see how we can be Women of  the Word to  become the person God has in mind for each of usListen in and discover different ways to be women of His Word. Shusma will share a fresh picture, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and will pray with you. Don't miss out on this eight-week series.
In today's session, Shusma will teach the first of two weeks on Woman of Wisdom.

Moses’ mother, Jochebed, displayed bold courage and trust in God, as she placed her three-month-old baby in the bulrushes. She knew that God’s plan was very good for her child, even though the government of her day meant evil. God’s plan surpasses any man's plan. The outcome for us may be where we place our trust!
Worshiping God is the best gift we can give to Him and also our greatest privilege to honor the one who created us and loves us. Find out more about how we can be women of worship in these sessions. I know you will be touched by His love and get new insights about worship.

Session 4

In today's session, Shusma will share several ways that we can put God's Word into our lives. God's Word shows us the lies we may have believed. Now we live as Women of the Word, living in truth. The word is like a sword cutting away any untruth.
Shusma will also share her personal testimony of God's Word transforming, protecting and healing her and others who choose to live in His Word. Powerful and life-changing!
Is it possible to have wisdom in our mixed up world? In this session Shusma explores the Biblical way to have wisdom and offers five practical ways to enjoy a life of godly wisdom. Lesson six in Women of Worth eight week.
Worshiping God is the best gift we can give to Him and also our greatest privilege to honor the one who created us and loves us. Find out more about how we can be women of worship in these sessions. I know you will be touched by His love and get new insights about worship.

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