More Happy Happenings Ukraine #3

Our journey continues with each experience enriching our lives. What an honour to meet with key women leaders from this nation of Ukraine. As our conversation with Pastor Sophia  unfolded (centre of pic) , it was clear that God has impressed the idea of global unity with women into many hearts. Here we are with leaders from different church unions. All three of us were affirmed in our own ministry gifts and look forward to the future.

Our translator Maria came along with Pastor Victor to drive us to Pereyashav-Khmilnitsky (say that three times  and see how it sounds!)
We met with Valentina, Pastor’s wife of the church in this thousand year old town. They rent an old Soviet theatre and have a strong congregation.
They prepared a delicious meal- the best cabbage rolls I’ve ever eaten, as well as many other Ukrainian dishes.

Here we are (below) with the women that gathered to hear from us. How many can fit into a little room? At least another twenty, who are sitting in a side area.

We were deeply touched by so many hugs from these beautiful women.
Just though you should know… in Ukraine, Chocolate is a food group!

On to our only English-speaking conference, International Christian Centre. Held about ninety miles outside Kiev, what a wonderful experience with women from all over the world. They are teachers, missionaries, ambassadors wives, seminary leaders and others.

Alma and I finally had the opportunity to launch our material for the third WOW (Woman of Wisdom) Bible study. Since we are co-authoring this study on Ruth, the last four months have been spent in exploring possibilities. After presenting the background, volunteers played the different characters while a narrator read the entire book, a script from  scripture.

Here is the cast!

Mahlon and Killion die!

We can’t wait to do the trial of the entire text in Cambridge, February-March, 2012.
Moving on to Poltava
All of us are amazed at the growth of the church here.  Each village we visited touched our hearts. One such church started four years ago and already has fifteen daughter churches. Simple strategy with incredible results.
We stayed in a simple hotel and ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Here we are trying to order simple morning fare. I needed to call Oleg, our translator to finally discover that there were no choices. Below see our meal, minus another boiled sausage and vegetables.

A new adventure every day!
We joined up with Bob (after a ten day separation) Tim and Ed.
A view of a nunnery taken from atop a hill on the other side of Poltava.
How’s this? (above)  A monument to perogies. Alma is sitting in the spoon.
Another five hour drive to Krivoy Rog. This is where Bob has been teaching. Now we have a Pastor’s and woman’s conference.
 Look what we found on the way to the market.
Ah. Roshen candy!
Ending on a sweet note!
Tonight we head back with an overnight train ride. We have been told, memories will be made.
Our time here is coming to to an end. I hope you are enjoying the time we have shared with you. There is so much more. Perhaps one day some of you will cross the ocean to experience this culture, rich in relationships  and new life.
Thanks for your prayers.
Alma, Marg, Tim, Bob and  Ruth

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