More Ukraine Happy Happenings

Hello again. We are back!
What a wonderful adventure we are having, Marg, Alma and Ruth.
On Tuesday, Ed and Natasha took us downtown Kiev.
A world-class city with incredible architecture.

On to the Lavra, a fifteen hundred year old monastery. Such an experience, lighting a candle and descending to the lower catacombs, where we viewed the remains (delightful) of several saints. Couldn’t see much except for a blackened hand sticking out of one wrapped body.

Here are some of the many buildings in the immense compound, taken in the pouring rain.

As Ed drove through the entrance gates, the guard asked for his pass.
Tim mentioned he would like to buy the guard’s hat. The guard said he would give a price on the way out. As you can see, Tim got the deal sealed.

This round structure is covered completely with beautifully-decorated Ukrainian eggs.
Wednesday, Ed picked us up to drive to Smila. We met Dennis and Oxanna and their three children last years. Many prayers are going up for his beautiful daughter who has no known medical reason for her hair loss. What darling girls.

Wonderful meeting at Smila church, their services held in a theatre. We enjoyed lots of energetic worship music, words of greetings and a powerful message from Tim, utilizing his God-given gifts.

Ed and Tim went on to join Bob in Krivoy Rog, Alma, Marg and Ruth travelled back to Kiev with the pastor and his friend.
So we had three English speaking females and two Ukrainian-speaking males, driver and passenger. A two and half hour drive turned into a four hour drive. They got lost and we couldn’t help them except to say Na, Na, when we knew they were in the wrong neighbourhood. Such fun! Back to our nest at 1:45 am. We can sleep when we die.

Tim and Bob are in Krivoy Rog speaking, teaching, eating, sleeping. We know they have a very full schedule too but we have no pics of them.

We have so much more to share so watch for our next post.

Love and prayers coming across the ocean,
Margaret, Alma and Ruth

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