Unborn Untold

Confused. Scared. Pressured. Alone. That's what so many of the women and men in these true stories felt when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Many believed they had no alternative but to abort their child, while others made the difficult decision to choose life. All live with the consequences of that decision. And all have experienced the healing grace and mercy of God.

Their stories will touch your heart, expand your ability to offer compassion to all affected by abortion, and provide practical tools and guidance through the healing process.

The global abortion epidemic demands a response of support, encouragement, and grace from those on all sides of the issue. Only then will those in crisis pregnancy situations feel equipped and empowered to choose life. And only then can every person affected by abortion let go of the past and move forward into a future filled with healing and hope.

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WOW Series

The four studies in the WOW series are specifically designed to reach those women sensing the need for deeper spiritual growth but also feeling time-constrained.

Each Study is four lessons, the pages filled with gleanings from the passages being studied. From the first book on a woman’s worth to the last book on worship, Ruth’s desire is that women will have fresh hope to move on from their past and reach for the full and abundant life, one that worships freely and frequently.

Anyone can lead these simple studies with an Invite: "Join me for a month of Tuesdays (Wednesdays, Thursdays)" for a life-changing experience.