More Than a Review with Donna Feyen

What motivated me to write Unborn Untold- True Stories of Abortion and God’s Healing Grace?

I watched my mom sit down hard on the old burgundy coloured velour armchair. Shoulders slumped and cheeks wet, her breathing in short bursts. This picture repeated each Wednesday, abortion clinic day in the local hospital where Mom worked. At the end of the day, it was her duty to dispose of the black garbage bag of babies that had met their death on her shift. Brutal grief!
Later on, while pregnant with our fourth child, the doctor offered me an abortion…twice.

Is it this easy to get an abortion? What if my husband, Bob, wasn’t beside me? What if I had no one to care for and support this unborn child?  What about the fathers- did they have a choice? Could I make the decision for LIFE in an emotional, hormonal state without the support of my husband and family? I wanted answers.

‘Unplanned does not mean unwanted’, Bob declared. Our youngest son's birth showed us God's perfect timing. He and his wife celebrated their little boy, born in January 2019. I rejoiced at the generational blessings of choosing Life and my heart was strangely stirred.  The seeds planted years before that sparked my passion for abortion were sprouting, bursting forth.  It was time to write my story and the stories of others impacted by abortion. And just perhaps… hearing their stories might answer some of my many questions.

Trailer for Woman of Worth Bible Study

Carol Kent interviews Ruth Coghill on her ministry and recent Woman of Worth Bible study

Dr. Brad Burke attributes his early success as an author to his practice of memorizing scripture. I interviewed him at Waterloo Inn. What a joy to hear how his parents instilled in him this ancient discipline.