Places to Go

Who Will Go?

Just over five weeks until September 15… we fly to Frankfurt, then on to Calcutta, India. Yahoo- as of today, tickets are purchased — thankfully God provided great rates.
Passports and visas are updated and we’ve been shot with essentials.The other wee details such as messages, finalizing the Bible studies and coordinating topics are progressing well.

One of the cities where we are scheduled for teaching, speaking, singing and whatever other opportunity arises is Hyderabad, India.

While in Hyderabad (Oct 13-14), the AICOCIM (All India Congress On Church In Mission) takes place. What an honour to be part of such an event.


Charminar is a major landmark in Hyderabad. With four graceful minarets, it was built as a memorial for plague victims.

What a beautiful structure..there are more to come after a few days with some biking friends.

How timely that this summer several women have gathered on Wednesday nights to study the names of God. We serve a God that provides, who sees all, knows all and goes before us. He has already planned the our lives for this time in Asia. We are humbled and honoured by all the prayers, love and support from each of you.

Happy Serving HIM!
Bob and Ruth Lord, Send me


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