Unborn Podcast New

The Unborn Movement unfolded after the publication release of Unborn. Untold. True Stories of Abortion and God’s Healing Grace. Twelve moms, four dads and one grieving grandma wrote their story of how abortion impacted their lives. On this podcast, we will interview such brave women and men and highlight the transformation they each encountered when discovering the power, love, forgiveness and grace of our Heavenly Father. You won’t want to miss a single episode.

Ruth Final Podcast

I discovered the life-changing power of God’s Word following a depression which necessitated a resignation from my teaching position that year. The more I learned about God’s character and great love for all of us, the more I wanted everyone to know and experience such incredible truths that were bringing healing to my mind and soul. On these podcasts, you’ll hear encouraging stories from guests, empowering Biblical truths and practical ways to include unchanging Scriptures into your life. Why not join me on this journey of discovery?