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It is time for an update for much has transpired since my last blog.
In preparation for the Asia trip last fall, I wrote an eight week Bible study to accompany the four CD set…Women Of Worth. My sister, Alma, wrote an inductive study on Titus, which Bob used there as well. This gave us freedom to copy our own materials and leave them wherever needed.
After returning home from the life-changing adventure, I spoke at a Women Alive/Precept Just The Word day in Montreal, where I released the study guide and taught four one-hour sessions on Women Of Worth.
At the close of the day, a lady came up to me to express her appreciation for the WOW guide and asked if it could be translated into Spanish. Johanne and her husband are missionaries to a Spanish congregation in Montreal.
Now, I know very little about getting this accomplished in English, but Spanish? I wondered how, when and if. I waited to see if there really was a need and sure enough, Johanne emailed me to remind me.
In January of this year, we prayed for someone to translate. Finally after a couple possibilities, Bob suggested Mark Petersen, my nephew who spent several years in Columbia and Costa Rica. Knowing he has a full schedule, I reluctantly and humbly called on a Sunday night in January. He agreed to look at the fifty-four page outline and then accepted the project with certain conditions, the first one being that I nudge him every second week until he completed. The second suggested that after the first draft, the translation needed a Spanish editor to catch any cultural or grammatical errors. The third condition is still in the works! : )
What a privilege to have Mark provide this labour of love.
I projected the end of February or March for completion;however, the following Friday night, just five days later, Mark called to say he’d finished. What? I could not believe it. For some unexplained reason, (Who Knows?) his calendar cleared that week and my Bible study guide received his full attention.
Next I emailed my Writers group in Mount Forest and discovered one of my writing buddies took Spanish lessons right in town. Her teacher and husband, from Mexico, started their own business and welcomed the oppotunity to edit the document.
AJ utilized the covers of the English copy, transferred the translated text and voila…Thursday Feb 18th, the first copies were printed.

Johanne purchased the first copy and will begin the eight-week course with her class in April. The first group order will go out within the next month.
Well, God knows all and provides exactly what is needed at the precise time. He reigns, whether I’m aware or not. Right now, I am very conscious of that truth. Keep me alive to that fact.

All our Seasoned With Salt Ministry products (see below) are available now at:
Seasoned With Salt Ministries
83 Harper Crescent
Fergus ON
N1M 3W1


Make cheques payable to ‘Ruth Coghill’

1. Women Of Worth CDs– four CDs recorded at a conference in Grand Prairie. $30.00
Woman of Worth** Woman of the Word**Woman of Wisdom** Woman of Worship

2. Women Of Worth Study Guide eight-week study to accompany the CDs $15.00
For orders 10 or more copies $14.00 each
Available in Spanish

3. Women Of the Word- Psalm 24- The Earth and Everything In It $10.00

This CD is part of the Woman of the Word section of the series which emphasizes the importance of studying and memorizing God’s word to enhance and develop one’s spiritual growth. Includes the recitation of Psalm 24 followed by three thoughts: The Declaration, The Death and The Divine Design. CD ends with Bob and Ruth singing Song For Canada (Lianna Klassen)

4. Coming – Women Of The WordHidden In My Heart – Listen to several $10.00
featured women who have taken memorizing seriously. Includes instruction,the book of James, Psalm 8, Psalm 24, alphabet scriptures, favourite verses and more.

All orders will be subject to shipping charges.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers for us and our ongoing adventure.
Happy Serving HIM!
Ruth Coghill
Seasoned With Salt
“…that you may know how to respond to each person.” Colossians 4:6


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    Wow! Exciting…

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