Uganda- Here we come!

Hello Uganda!

We stepped out of the Entebbe airport into beautiful sunshine and warmth, lush foliage and the sound of a hundred singing birds. We were ready for another adventure! We loaded 21 pieces of luggage into 2 vans and our team of 7, plus drivers and our host, Evelyn Komuntale, were off to Kampala.

Our vans had to be guarded as we parked in downtown Kampala to exchange our currency to Ugandan shillings. Some of us stayed behind and were shocked at the number of children coming to our van to beg. The sights, sounds and smells of uncontrolled traffic, street vendors and people walking briskly everywhere, many with a basket on their head, made for an interesting ‘people-watching hour’. How very different from our country.

Arriving at our Guest House was a reprieve. We settled into the modest rooms and quickly headed to a thatched roof gazebo to enjoy bottled water (our only safe drink), cheese, bread and fruit!

We needed time to get to know our host, Evelyn,Ugandan born/American.

One of the highlights of our time in Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, was the distribution of some 200 Bibles. A number of the Pastor’s Conference participants had tattered, well-used, 20 year-old copies.

Many others had no Bible and dearly wanted their own personal copy of God’s Word. This would be a treasured gift. They waited, and waited and received!

The conference centre exploded with music, dance and joy when the final Bible was given out.

They placed their Bibles on their heads and celebrated! The hunger for God’s Word in Uganda is genuine! One Pastor told one of our team leaders: “We need the teaching of the Word of God more than we need money.”

What a joy to give these gifts from your hands. Thanks to those who made this possible.

Stop by again for more gift-giving opportunities.

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