Uganda’s beauty- at the Congo border

With recent word that Africa is experiencing the worst drought in sixty years, those that travelled there last month are praying for the beautiful people to know we care. There are ways to help their severe plight. If you want more information, email me:

And now, come along as we explore new territory!

Rwebisengo- What and where?

Rwebisengo… a village near the Congo border. We were told that it’s the place where the best looking women in Africa live!

To get there is about two and a half hours through some of the most beautiful mountainous terrain in Africa. The road is being improved since our last visit but still needs prayer, both for those widening it and those travelling it!

With no guard rails for protection, passing is next to impossible and the constant fear is falling rock! But the beauty – breathtaking!

Our team stopped for a photo while waiting for the rock slide to be removed. (shown in the picture above)

People met under open-ended tents for the Pastor’s Conference and surprise bike distribution. Most pastors in the rural areas of Uganda cannot afford transportation. Through generous donations, we were able to provide about 80 bikes.

While nurses did HIV testing, and other team members provided a program for the children, we were able to preach and teach the Word of God. Even the children worshipped in this open air meeting.

One of the highlights of our day in Rwebisengo was visiting the Medical Clinic. Directed by Evelyn Komuntale and Outreach for Africa, we loved meeting each patient and staff. They all enjoy having their pictures taken.

The building is rectangular shaped and has small rooms designated for patients, maternity, pharmacy and laboratory. This could serve thousands of people in the area. Medical help is not easily available.

The patient rooms are very basic. A bed and not much else. No running water, monitor or medical utensils.


Three patients were being treated, two of which were young women giving birth.

The reality in Uganda is that the average number of children per woman is 7. Over 6,000 women die yearly in Uganda because of child birth complications that could be avoided. Death in child-birth takes as many lives as HIV among women.

These two women, in the pictures below, are experiencing contractions and within hours would give birth. No hospital garments, no water, no monitors, little care and no food. We were deeply moved as we prayed for them.

Through the generosity of several health units in Canada, we were able to provide much appreciated and welcomed medical supplies. As a team we were pleased to represent the generous people of Canada.

On Wednesday, Ruth and I said goodbye to Africa. We promised our airport hostess and a wonderful believer, Joyce, that we would be back.

Africa won our hearts!

We hope you have enjoyed the journey to Africa. We would love to hear from you!

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